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Simple steps to Wellness

Wake early, before 6am

Rise with a prayer of Gratitude

Massage your body first thing in the morning, with love

Move, stretch, detoxify

Drink water

Brush your teeth

Scrape your tongue

Smile in the mirror, say something nice to yourself

Drink healthy herbal tea before any caffeine

Light a candle and meditate

Read books that inspire you

Eat healthy, natural food

Call a loved one

Get ready for work (even if you work from home)

Make your bed

Take breaks

Plan ahead, plan moments of joy into your day

Count your blessings

Bless others around you

Remember you are loved

Set goals

Go for walks in nature

Dance freely

Be kind to yourself

Sweat it out

Seek out moments of silence, enjoy them

Break old habits that no longer serve you

Eat dinner before 6pm

Don't eat foods that upset you

Do relax before trying to sleep

Set your technology aside before bed

Massage your feet with good oils before bed

Be asleep before 9pm

Take a long, slow inhale

Take a long, slow exhale

15 best outdoor spots to practice yoga

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