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2020 Holiday gift guide

Some great gift ideas! Some small shops, and also larger companies who I trust. There are some ideas for the big spenders, and also some for homemade gifts and stocking stuffers. Just remember to Wrap responsibly! Festive scarves are a great way to wrap!

1. The Ayurvedic Mum

She makes some amazing products, but her copper water bottles are especially beautiful (with a number of amazing health benefits). I have the 1L bottle and absolutely love it. She makes them in other styles as well!

2. Marma Mat

Know anyone with back pain, fatigue? Standing on this mat for a few minutes a day is said to improve your posture, help with pain relief, and stimulate circulation. Here is a brand that is a bit more expensive, but higher quality. I bought mine on amazon a while back, but it should be covered by your HSA/FSA! Seriously feels so good!

3. 2021 Moon Calendar

Another personal favorite, this calendar is beautifully crafted by the Magic of I. It is just packed full of beautiful art, information about astrology, goal setting, intention setting, spaces for manifestation, tracking menstrual cycles, and journalling during the full moon and new moon. This calendar is not only beautiful to look at but is a powerful tool for self discovery and alignment.

4. Crystals

These little stones make for great stocking stuffers! Check them out on Etsy. They make such a pretty gift and can have a great impact on any space! So many different sizes and styles to chose from! You can do smaller ones for the palm of your hand, or you can look at bigger unpolished ones for decoration around the house!

5. Handmade gifts

Get your craft on! Paint something, weave a dream catcher, make bracelets, print out photos find a frame at goodwill and paint it, make a woven plant holder, paint pinecones, or weave a macrame, make a candle, or a bath bomb, cook something! There is so much inspiration online and here is an article I found with some great ideas! If you are not the creative type, find a friend who is and make a night out of making gifts together!

6. Ornaments

You can find some really incredible hand blow glass, wood carved, or recycled ones online! Know someone who just had a major life event? An ornament with that events date can be a wonderful gift! Here are some funny ones 2020 themed!

7. Oracle Deck

A beautiful deck of cards designed to enhance your practice of self reflection and self care, each one will be different be specific with your search and keep that in mind when you look around. Here is an example of one I bought for my sister a year back.

8. DIY self care kits

Oils, candles, bath salts, good lotions! Just make sure that it is well sourced! I buy most of my self care tools from natural grocers, a local grocer here in Denver. I suggest finding a local apothecary near you for some great products! Also dōTERRA makes starter kits that you can buy for someone interested in oils!

9. Yoga mat

It's the gift that keeps giving. Everyone should have a yoga mat in their house regardless of if practice every day, it is it still an area, and a reminder to stretch out and move around! Manduka is the brand that I love, they are more expensive but they will last and even have a lifetime warranty.

10. Plants

This one can be tricky. You have to gauge the desire and ability of your loved one to have a plant. I would encourage you to proceed with caution and go for a succulent or snake plant at first, unless you know your loved on has a great rep with plants already! Plants are an amazing addition to any house! Here is an article for inspiration!

11. Group or private yoga classes!

An hour of sweat, stretching, meditation, or personalized yoga. Feel free to check out my website and send me a message if your interested in purchasing a session for a group, for a loved one, or for yourself!

12. Mindfulness coloring book

Check out this gorgeous coloring book. Relax the mind, perfect for that person in your life who needs more chill. Just make sure they have some colored pencils!

13. Cozy slippers

Should be on everyones go-to gift list! Also, to all my ladies out there keeping your feet warm, especially on your period, is important! There is nothing wrong with getting yourself a gift! Here is an article I found highlighting some great brands to chose from this winter!

14. INDO board

Looking for a fun gift? This balance board is perfect for refining skills, strengthening muscles, and an awesome break from flat ground. You can also buy the small round pad for beginners, just make sure you start on an open, carpeted space!

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