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I am Lucy, some people call me Luce. I am a certified yoga instructor! I am also a daughter, a friend, a wife, a hiker, a lover of nature, a singer, a dancer, a dreamer, and a student. I am always learning, a curious soul, a seeker of knowledge. My passion for teaching and sharing what I know has led me here, to you! 


I carefully curate hour's worth of studying into bite-size courses with strong learning objectives and practices you can take into your life moving forward. My hope is that these courses spark something within you that begins an unraveling of wellness in your life. 


I give pretty good advice with a commitment to confidentiality. Let me help you find a way forward.

Wherever you are in your journey, I am glad you are here!



An online community, a place for inspiration, a safe space, a collection of yoga classes, and high vibrational content. Join me on this journey of discovering ways of wellness.

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